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Don't punish yourself. Do this instead:

We're a few weeks out from the 'New Year New Me' energy and you might feel like you're further away from your resolutions than you had hoped. Rather than fall into an all-or-nothing mentality, I suggest intentionally focusing on daily habits and finding a routine that feels good and sets you up for success.

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You define what success looks like and how the best version of you feels/looks/acts. Part of wellness is finding a balance that works for you.

Instead of letting guilt drive you towards making restrictive choices, I propose a holistic approach, viewing your habits as a tool to support the best version of yourself. Plus, research has shown that action-oriented behaviors are more successful than deprivation-oriented ones.

To stay committed to your goals:

1. Stay rooted in your "why": To identify your "why," ask yourself what your best self looks and feels like. What are your values, strengths, and priorities? 

2. Identify an accountability buddy to make a plan and check in with regularly. 

3. Use the systems you use for work or social plans for your personal goals or self-care (i.e. calendar, reminders, prepare ahead of time).

4. Ground in gratitude by developing a gratitude practice to find joy and shift your mindset.

5. Rather than try to be perfect, focus on consistency: Pick a few non-negotiable habits and stick to them. Even when you get out of routine, focus on what you can control.

Some examples of non-negotiable habits:

  • Move your body and get outside to feel good rather than to over-compensate.

  • Eat to nourish not punish and remember breakfast is your friend.

  • Hydrate all day long.

  • Figure out stress management that works for you. Whether that’s meditating, taking a shower, journaling, or going for a walk make a habit of finding time for you.

In this new season, incorporate these evidence-backed tips into your daily routine and turn your goals into a reality. Even the small changes you make today have the power to make a big impact on your health and happiness.

If you are seeking support with revamping your health and wellness goals and looking for help with accountability and consistency, I’m here to guide you! Schedule a complimentary coaching consultation and become your best self this season.

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