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Feeling tired, burnt out, and ready for some holiday cheer? Keep reading…

Journaling to reflect

I love taking a few minutes to journal every day to express my gratitude, write down my to dos, and think through anything else on my mind. While you may not be in the habit of journaling, you might have a few minutes to reflect during this holiday week.

I encourage you to use the prompts below to reflect, connect with yourself, and move forward with intention.

Start with mindfulness:

What is happening in this moment?

What thoughts are running through my mind right now?

What emotions am I feeling?

Feeling burnt out?

What is causing me stress and tension right now? How can I reduce that?

How do I deplete myself? What is draining my energy?

Why do I struggle to move forward?

Lacking motivation?

What is my why? How can my actions contribute to my why?

Where do I feel out of alignment with the things that bring me joy? 

What small action can I take this week towards that goal? 

Hearing negative self-talk?

What are 3 wins or reasons to feel proud of myself today?

How can I be kinder to myself today?

What are 3 things that I love about myself?

Last but not least, gratitude:

What are you grateful for in this moment?

What is something you take for granted that you feel grateful for?

Who are you grateful for in this moment?

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