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About Grata Wellness

Grata Wellness is a holistic coaching practice, wellness platform, and blog that provides a gratitude-centered approach to health and wellness.

Why Coaching? 

Having consistent routines and following a schedule, practicing effective stress management, and grounding from a perspective of gratitude are all ways to holistically support the whole self and prioritize well-being.

Through personalized coaching sessions, you will discover self-sustaining methods to take control of your health, develop an enhanced awareness of your body and mind, and learn to thrive rather than survive.

I will empower you to change your daily habits and improve your lifestyle so that you can become the best version of yourself. I will support you, encourage you, and help hold you accountable to implement habits for sustainable growth. 

You have all that you need to flourish. I am here as your guide.

About Marianna

My name is Marianna, and I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and the founder of Grata Wellness. Throughout my life, I have encountered health challenges and professional burnout that prompted me to rethink and reframe my own perception of wellness. I am determined to educate and inspire others to learn to thrive rather than survive by investing time and energy to achieve their personal wellness. It is my goal to empower others to improve their health, strengthen their sense of self, and become the best version of themselves. 


My purpose is to cultivate meaningful relationships to create self-empowerment for individuals seeking lasting change. 

Through my journey in becoming intuitive with my body and achieving sustainable balance, I have been able to experience life more joyfully. Please join me in this evolving journey of enhancing your health and finding what fills you with happiness.

So Who Am I and What Do I Love?

I live in New York City and previously lived in Denver and Chicago. Above all, I love spending time with my friends and loved ones.


My love for movement and physical activity has been a game-changer on my wellness journey. For the longest time, I was intimidated by working out. I had no idea what I was doing and never wanted to walk into a gym for fear of looking silly and out of place. I learned that finding ways to make myself feel strong is incredibly empowering and helps to fill up my cup on a daily basis.

Running, especially, was never an activity I dreamed I would enjoy. It took actually trying it and committing to a goal that showed me my mental and physical strength and capacity to be disciplined and push myself. I am proud to say that I have completed two marathons (Chicago in 2021 and New York in 2022) and now that I’m no longer training for a race, I am redefining how movement serves me. I am dedicating myself to becoming physically stronger through strength training and flexibility work. I continue to love walking and running as ways of clearing my head and feeling grounded as well as skiing, golf, and tennis as fun ways to move with friends.

I never leave home without my headphones and can often be found singing and dancing to music - everything from Lizzo to Motown to Mt Joy. I love to cook and explore new restaurants, and as a gluten-free foodie, to discover gluten-free alternatives.   

Qualifications & Background

National Board Certified

Health & Wellness Coach

December 2022

The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) has collaborated with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) since 2016 to provide a robust board certification examination. The esteemed NBC-HWC credential represents training, education, and assessment standards, allowing for the profession to advance in all aspects of health care and wellness.

Wellcoaches® Certified

Health and Well-Being Coach

July 2022

Wellcoaches School of Coaching is a creative, global leader in teaching science-based and high impact coaching to health professionals, to connect, create, grow, and thrive. Wellcoaches School of Coaching was the first coaching school for health and wellness professionals, founded in 2000. Wellcoaches works in collaboration with the American College of Sports Medicine, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the Australaisan Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and is a first-mover in establishing coaching science in the US.


Yale University

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Class of 2019

During my four years at Yale, I served as:

  • Peer Wellness Champion, advancing wellness efforts & structural changes around campus

  • Volunteer Tutor and Mentor for the Guilford ABC House

  • Member of Kappa Alpha Theta

  • Board Secretary of the Undergraduate Prison Project

  • Member of Yale Club Golf and 1701 Golfing Society

I continue to serve on the Alumni Fund Board of Directors.

National Louis University

Master of Arts in Teaching

Class of 2021 

As a Teach for America Corps Member in Chicago from 2019-2021, I concurrently received my Master of Arts in Teaching at National Louis University, a required designated University.

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