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Wellness Coaching Results with Marianna

"If you are trying to reach health goals and are looking for someone who holds non-judgmental accountability and makes the process fun…you found your woman."

Be Supported to Evolve

"When I first approached Marianna, I was a bit hesitant because I had never done health coaching…but after the first 5 minutes of our consultation I was sold. I felt inspired, motivated, and safe from such a short conversation. 


4 months of working with Marianna later, and I have not only been able to reach my goal of feeling more confident in my skin in a holistic way, I have also gained the courage to trust my intuition and lean into my ever changing identity. 


I have evolved so much from such a short time and cannot recommend her 1:1 coaching program enough. 


If you are trying to reach health goals and are looking for someone who holds non-judgmental accountability and makes the process fun… you found your woman."

-Taylure R, Lisbon

Feel Prioritized with Non-Judgmental, Flexible Support

"Marianna creates an inclusive, non-judgmental space wherever she goes, whether it’s a zoom, on WSH, or a cafe! She genuinely prioritizes her clients and I am beyond grateful for her flexibility - it was incredibly difficult to find a health professional who could fit with my schedule, but Marianna makes it easy! Since working with her, I’ve built self-confidence, boundaries, and a more balanced mindset. She makes life more enjoyable!"


Create a Consistent Routine that Works for You

"Having Marianna as an accountability partner has truly transformed my outlook on health and wellness! She supported me to find a routine that works in my crazy life, and constantly encourages me to try new things. Discovering I have SIBO was a long and seemingly exhausting process, but having her by my side has made it that much simpler. I can’t recommend Marianna enough as a coach and partner in your wellness journey!"

-Jenna M, NYC

Become a Better Version of Yourself

"I have become a better version of myself during my time with Grata Wellness. Marianna has helped me make adjustments, provided me with invaluable insight, and has taught me techniques and strategies to approach various aspects of my life. Not only does she give fabulous advice, but she is an incredible listener and makes me feel heard and valued. She celebrates me through my successes and supports me through the tougher days. She is a trusted confidant and I am beyond grateful for her!"

-Olivia P, Yale University

Achieve Your Health & Wellness Goals

"My health and wellness coaching sessions with Marianna have been transformative. Marianna has an intuitive way of drawing out information that is pertinent to my health. She leads each session in a non- threatening and nonjudgmental manner.

With Marianna’s expert guidance, I have set goals for my health and wellness that are achievable. I feel confident that my health and wellness are being enhanced by this new awareness and new program of goal-setting. Marianna is a gifted health professional, and I am grateful that she is a part of my life."

-Isabel C, NYC

Learn to Fill Up Your Cup First

"Marianna is a very effective coach. She reminds me that we all need to "fill up our cup" first. I have found this saying to be so true that it has become my mantra. Marianna leads by example in her daily life by looking for good energy and positivity through balanced nourishment, movement, and meditation. Marianna helps you identify and recognize your limits and supports you to accept and overcome them with particular sensitivity, positivity, and a sort of reassuring lightness. Marianna also helps you recognize all your strength and beauty which in some moments of your life are hidden inside you."

-Elizabeth S, NYC

Transform Your Mindset

"Marianna is one of the easiest people in the world to talk to! No matter where you are on your health and wellness journey, she helps you set realistic goals and work toward them in an enthusiastic, supportive, and non-judgmental way. Something I find specifically encouraging about my coaching sessions with Marianna is that throughout the process, she always finds ways to celebrate your progress. She also acknowledges any struggles you experience, while helping you move forward and to make modifications to your goals, as needed. Even within the first few weeks of working with Marianna, I felt a noticeable difference in my mindset day to day. She is really dedicated to helping me feel like the best version of myself! For anyone who is willing to take steps toward bettering their overall health and wellness, both physically and mentally, I definitely recommend working with Marianna!"

-Sarah M, Chicago

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