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Skin Care IS Self Care

Updated: Apr 18

I connected with skin care guru Tammy Fender to discuss her holistic approach to skin care. This was an honor for me as I've been a longtime admirer of Tammy's holistic approach and incredible products, which I've used for almost ten years. Tammy Fender is a holistic skin care brand bringing beautiful intelligence to luxurious products for restoration and rejuvenation.

What drew you to a holistic approach to skin care?

For me, taking good care of the skin is part of a holistic lifestyle that encompasses body, mind and spirit. Naturally radiant skin seems to glow from the inside. That's because the skin is our largest organ and reflects so much of our internal state—our eating habits, sleep habits, stress levels and sensitivities. I love to work with clients holistically not only because that's when they see the best results, but because these big picture shifts are where true wellness lives.

What inspired you to create your own products?

When I first started out as an aesthetician, I wanted to find a line of products offering the most luxurious formulas made from only the most precious and pure natural ingredients. I searched high and low, but it didn't exist. So, I started blending my own customized formulas in my kitchen, in order to meet the needs of my clients. While we've grown quite a bit since then, the focus has always been the same. Each formula was created in relation to what I see in the treatment room, not the trends of the moment.