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Grata Gifts: 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Here are a few of my favorite products that make great gifts to show someone (or yourself) your gratitude.

  1. Stanley water bottle This is by far my favorite water bottle to keep by my side. The handle makes it easy to take on walks or for running errands.

  2. Bala weights I love to add these to my ankles or wrists to give a walk or Pilates more resistance.

  3. Theragun Elite massage gun This has transformed my recovery! I love using this massage gun to help with soreness and prevent stiffness.

  4. Barefoot Dreams blanket I use this cozy blanket every night on the couch!

  5. Gratitude journal I write in this gratitude journal every day and find great comfort in it.

  6. Airpods Pro These are a staple for me and have a great battery life.

  7. Claw clips I use these clips to put my hair in a bun and love that they can fully hold my hair.

  8. Revlon hair dryer brush This is the only hair tool I use! This brush gives me the best blowouts.

  9. Fuzzy socks I love these cute fuzzy socks to keep me warm and cozy.

Click the titles above or download the PDF below for clickable images with links to purchase the items.

For more ideas on how I use these products, feel free to check out my blog posts on creating a morning routine and travel routine.

Let me know what you think and if you have products you love that I should add to the list!

Grata Wellness 2022 Holiday Gift Guide
Download PDF • 1.36MB

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