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Grata Morning Routine

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

One of the biggest game changers in my overall well-being is having a reliable morning routine that gives me time to ‘fill up my cup.’ Having a solid morning routine has a huge impact on how I set myself up for success for the day ahead.

Establishing a morning routine is proven to support and improve overall health and wellness. Some benefits of a morning routine include reducing stress, increasing happiness, and promoting productivity. Taking the time to ‘fill up your cup’ in the morning allows you to be the most supportive and fully present version of yourself for the people in your life and for your commitments and responsibilities throughout the day. Creating a morning routine is also a helpful way to begin implementing healthy habits to create more structure in your life.

When I was a teacher after college, I would wake up to a blaring alarm, get ready as fast as possible, and run out the door for work at the last minute. I constantly felt unprepared and rushed and was tired and grumpy before my workday even began. I’ve learned that taking time in the morning to do things I enjoy and that feel good allows me to be in the best mindset for the day ahead.

You may struggle with: