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Read this before you kickoff your summer travel

And just like that, it feels like summer outside, and people are flocking to beautiful destinations for MDW to kick off the season.

Summer travel is a blast, but you may be stressed and wondering: how can I go on vacation while still feeling good and maintaining my routine?

Get out of an all-or-nothing mentality tempting you to forget all your goals when things get funky. Rather than feel overwhelmed during stressful times, travel, or other disruptions, focus on what you can control.

It IS possible to find balance and prioritize your well-being on vacation.

Think of vacation as an extension of your day-to-day life rather than an escape. If you embrace balance and step away from an all-or-nothing mentality in your everyday life, you can do the same when you travel. On the other hand, if you have an overly restrictive weekly diet and exercise regimen at home, it's natural that you would feel out of control on vacation w