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Grata Italia: The Italian Way

In October, I spent two weeks traveling in Italy, visiting beautiful cities, eating delicious foods, and learning about the rich culture and history that has impacted the people today. My journey began in Milan, followed by the Emilia-Romagna region on a special culinary tour, and ended in Rome. Beyond the delicious food and beautiful vistas, this trip reignited my love for travel and especially my passion for Italian culture.

My Italian heritage has always held significance for me. From recipes passed down generationally to hearing the beautiful Italian language spoken from my early childhood, my family has always cherished and celebrated its Italian culture. While attending Yale, I had the opportunity to study Italian with the most passionate and enthusiastic professors who made learning fun. I expanded my study of Italian by studying abroad in Siena, Italy through a Yale summer session program. During this time, I expanded my knowledge of Italian and gained a deeper understanding of my Italian heritage. My summer abroad was formative in solidifying my deep appreciation for Italian culture and language.

I was then exposed to the way that Italians so fully enjoy life’s pleasures. The Italians approach life in a way that I admire deeply. Italians prioritize leisure and enjoy the simple things. Meals are acts of love—just as much about the people and conversation as the delicious and bountiful dishes. Food is often locally sourced if not truly farm to table. Italians live active lifestyles and walk everywhere.